Ultimate Fails Most Happening Ever



Okay this was the fail that spawned a thousand memes or more. At the 2015 BRIT Awards, Madonna’s epic cape was supposed to be torn away by a backup dancer as she walked up the stage. Instead the cape was tied too tightly and Madonna ended up being pulled down the steps with her cape. So even though the cape was epic, it is perhaps time to follow the superhero mantra of “no capes.”


Lady Gaga

Now we’ve got to say this might not exactly be a fail, because being able to walk in those shoes is a feat in and of itself. Sure, she may have had an epic fall while wearing them, but just getting out her front door and into a car wearing those things is impressive. Although maybe the shoes were necessary to take some of the attention away from her rather risqué outfit.


Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson is always known for her talent and her British poise and refinement. However, even she has her moments, like when she tripped and fell while walking the red carpet. She of course still managed to make it look positively elegant and finished it off with a smile that was simply perfect. If anyone has perfected falling with style, it’s her.

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