What if famous brands realized packaging for everyday groceries?

What if everyday groceries’ packagings were designed with style by the world’s most famous luxury brands? What would a yogurt by Tiffany, a milk by Apple or a pasta designed by Ferrar look like?

Israel based artist Paddy Mergui tried to give an answer to this question with his beautiful series “What is Wheat is Wheat”.

The aim of Paddy’s work is to explore the reason why some brands look more high class to us.
“As designers we are constantly recruiting our worlds to create changes in product conception and values. The engagement in image and creating meaning is the heart of the visual communication field,” he recently stated.

If you are in the San Francisco area, Paddy Mergui’s series will be featured at The Museum of Craft and Design till mid-June.

1) Pickles by Gucci

2) Yogurt by Tiffany & Co.

3) Ramen noodles by Burberry

4) Pasta by Ferrari

5) Flour by Prada

6) Basmati rice by HSBC

7) Milk powder by Chanel

8) Eggs by Versace

9) Butter by Bulgari

10) Petit beurre by Dolce & Gabbana

11) Salami by Louis Vuitton

12) Fruit by Nike

13) Milk by Apple

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