What This Company Did With Its Employees Is Beyond Awesome. Can I Do This Too?

Nexen is a Canadian energy firm based in Calgary. If this seems to you like the most tiresome spot in the world to work, you”d be incorrect. How is that possible?

Well, would a business that is boring have the Guinness World Record for the biggest assembly of individuals dressed as Batman? I didn”t believe so. Not only did among the trendiest World Records break, it doubled. With their 542 workers, they made an assembly of 250 individuals dressed as Batman look like kid”s play. Take a peek only at that crowning accomplishment in energy history! that is Canadian

The workers are tallied by a Guinness World Record official.

A Guinness World Record official tallies the employees.

That”s lots of folks dressed as Batman.


Why so enthusiastic about breaking your business”s chances at getting a world record?

Why so interested in ruining your company

Seems like one particular Joker was no match for 542 individuals dressed as Batman.

Looks like that one Joker was no match for 542 people dressed as Batman.

Nexen, congratulations!

Congratulations, Nexen!

(via Elite Daily)

Talk about an excellent day on the job. They may not be the heroes the Guinness Book of World Records deserves, but they”re the ones they wanted. Keep on having fun Nexen, on the job, and please keep supplying the people of Canada with energy.