When These Girls Went On Stage, They Created Something Hypnotizing And Hilarious

Dance is an often misunderstood and under-appreciated art form. It features some of the most unique and creative performances in the world, and it can also leave spectators walking away confused, asking themselves, “Was that really “dance?”” I know this for a fact, as I”ve taken a class in improvisational dance. It”s really confusing.

What”s even more confusing is when people create optical illusions with their dance performances. Can you give me a minute to try and wrap my head around this?!

(via Walldoo99)

I need to get a broom to pick up the pieces of my brain because it has been SHATTERED! I wish I did cool stuff like this in my improvisational dance class; we mainly just rolled around on the floor. Regardless, at least I can now appreciate great dance art and optical illusions like this one.

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