When You Combine Cats And Balloons, You Get Non-Stop Hilarity

There are more than 70 different cat breeds and many of them have become domesticated for people to have as pets. They are valued for their skill and their companionship to hunt vermin like rats and mice.

But one thing they don’t love is being on the receiving end of a prank. (Too bad for them.)

It made for a uproarious day when these people attached balloons with their cats via static electricity.

“Hey, how’d this matter get here?! What have you been putting on me?!”

“Perhaps if I get low enough…”

“You have got one, also?!”

“Perhaps if we sit like the dogs, these devil balls will come off.”

To view an entire video of these cats have a look right here.

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Oh, cats. That is simply payback for all those times you used our legs