You’ll Be Shocked Speechless When You See How These 25 People Avoided Disaster

Terrible things happen to great people daily, and we”re left to wonder why. But fortune smiles upon us, saving us from near catastrophe. When we experience something of the magnitude and carry on to tell our stories, it”s generally up to our listeners to determine if they believe us.

As for these 25 individuals, though, they’ve all the heart-stoping signs they want.

1. You couldn”t simply wait, could you?

You couldn

2. That was close.

That was close.

3. Zero hits, three goals.

Three targets, zero hits.

4. Didn”t actually believe that one through, huh?


5. He”s blessed his reflexes were there to save him.


6. It was around three inches shy of disaster.

This was about three inches shy of disaster.

7. Fine stunt work…

Nice stunt work...

8. He doesn”t look overly worried about that near miss.

He doesn

9. Oh, by the way…avalanche!

Oh, by the way...avalanche!

10. This gives “sideswiped” a completely new significance.

This gives

11. Run Forrest, run!

Run Forrest, run!

12. This could”ve been ugly.

This could

13. Excuse me, may I have your number?

Excuse me, can I have your number?

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