You’ve Seen Fireworks Before, But Have You Ever Seen Them Like This?

Tech enthusiasts have been conducting interesting tests with drones, with each result showing us more about our world. It seems like only yesterday when a man flew one over the ocean and captured whales congregating, or when a drone flew over a factory farm to capture the horrors of their practices. And how can anyone forget when these guys flew their drone into the sketchiest parts of L.A.?

Yet no one has really seen anything like this video. Last year, a drone pilot flew his personal drone into a fireworks display to show viewers what it”s like to be in the sky as fireworks are going off. What he was able to capture will change everything you ever thought about these brilliant spectacles.

(via Team FATAL Gaming)

What a unique and creative way to get use out of your flying video recorder! I wish more people had this type of creativity. Who knows what we could see from the inside that we”ve never seen before…

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